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Bail Applications
Bail Application

Our client had been charged and remanded in custody with arson, burglary and numerous other offences. He also was in breach of a Community Corrections Order and had a significant criminal history. A lot of our clients offending was due to a serious drug addiction.

Through our connections with a residential drug & alcohol rehabilitation clinic we were able to secure him a place in their 3 month, in patient program. At the bail application we called evidence from the clinical director of that program who explained to the Magistrate the treatment he would be provided with if bailed there.

We also cross-examined the police informant and were able to cast doubt on some of the more serious charges.

The Magistrate was satisfied that having the rehabilitation clinic in place was enough to mitigate any risk, and he was granted bail with a condition to complete the program.

Our client completed the program, remained drug free, and was ultimately placed on another Community Corrections Order.