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Drug Offences

Drug Offence Lawyer Melbourne

Drug Offences

When it comes to finding proven and professional representation from a skilled drug offence lawyer, Melbourne clients want to be sure they can find a solicitor who will go that extra mile to achieve the best outcome possible for their case. That is why they know to turn to May Lawyers.

For many years I have worked to provide all clients with the legal services and representation they deserve. I will ensure that your case is heard in the appropriate court, and you receive a fair and balanced ruling.

I also take the time to better understand the personal circumstances of my clients and the finer details of their case and provide them with the support and guidance they need.

I am proud to be an Accredited Specialist in the field of criminal law and am one of only a few working solicitors to hold this accreditation from the Law Institute of Victoria. That means clients can always be confident they are receiving representation that is designed to suit their case, and the standard of personal service they simply will not find at larger law firms.

I also offer legal services in my role as a solicitor advocate, representing clients who are needed in court for bail applications, pleas, contests or appeals.

Qualified and Trusted Services from a Leading Drug Offence Lawyer in Melbourne

I understand just how stressful and confusing facing either minor or serious drug offences can be. They can risk your livelihood and cause a lasting stigma.

That is why I approach each case as if it was my own, providing my clients with the level of assistance and guidance I would expect from an experienced and leading legal professional.

I am available 24/7, meaning my clients can always find the advice they need when faced with drug offence charges. Legal Aid is also offered to eligible clients, which ensures they can receive the legal services they need when they need them, and without issue.

So when they want representation from an in-demand drug offence lawyer, Melbourne clients can call May Lawyers on 03 9642 2137 for consultation enquiries, and to receive obligation free legal advice.