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Criminal Lawyer Sunshine

Whether they are facing minor or serious criminal charges, they know that May Lawyers is the name to trust for comprehensive and proven legal representation.

For more than a decade I have sought to provide local clients with detailed and personalised legal representation, offering them the criminal defence they need and deserve. Clients can contact May Lawyers for obligation free legal advice and find the assistance and insight they need to make their upcoming legal proceedings as straightforward and clear as possible.

I am proud to be one of the only working solicitors to be recognised as an Accredited Specialist in criminal law through the Law Institute of Victoria, meaning all clients can be sure of the high standard of legal services I will provide them.

So, when they need advice from a leading criminal lawyer, Sunshine clients know to trust May Lawyers.

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One of the few recognised by the Law Institute of Victoria as an Accredited Specialist in criminal law.
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When you face losing your license, your reputation or even your liberty you need someone you can trust in your corner.
About Maylawyers
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Accredited Criminal Law Specialist
Will May, Principal

A graduate of the University of Western Australia, I bring a decade of experience in the criminal law. I am one of the few recognised by the Law Institute of Victoria as an Accredited Specialist in that field.

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With years of experience, we have the legal expertise, compassion and dedication needed to get you the result you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are few more stressful things in life than being charged with an offence.

Police want to speak to me about an alleged crime, what do I do?

Speak to a criminal lawyer. They can give you advice on your rights prior to a police interview. Depending on how serious the charge is they may need to start arranging a bail application.

Police don't keep to business hours and neither do I. If you've been arrested contact me for advice.

How long will my case take?

That depends. A criminal trial can take 18 months - 2 years to reach after you're charged. A Magistrates' Court case might be from a few months to a year depending on whether you're pleading guilty or fighting the charges.

Do I need a lawyer if I'm just pleading guilty?

No, in the same way you don't need an electrician to wire a fuse box. There's nothing stopping you giving it a go, but you may not like the results...

Courts have a range of sentencing options and the only way to achieve the best outcome for you is to hire a competent criminal lawyer.

A lawyer may also be able to advise you of a defence, or help you avoid a criminal record through diversion.

A family member/loved one is in custody, can you help?

Yes. I can arrange a visit or video-conference with them free of charge to discuss their case.

I've just been charged, what happens next?

Police have to provide you or your lawyer with what's called a brief of evidence. This is a document containing a description of the allegations against you, witness statements and photographs.

You are presumed innocent and police must prove your guilt. Whether they can prove it depends on what's in the brief.

After reading the brief a lawyer can explain the evidence against you and whether you have a defence. They can also advise you of likely sentences if you're found guilty.

I've been to court and I'm unhappy with the outcome, can I appeal?

Yes. If you've been sentenced or found guilty in the Magistrates' Court you have an automatic right to appeal the decision to a Judge of the County Court. The Judge has the power rehear the case and find you not guilty, or substitute the sentence for a lesser one if they see fit.

If your case was heard originally in the County Court then you must apply for leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal. This is a much more complex process.

Appeals in both cases require rigorous preparation and legal knowledge, you must have a lawyer. Your appeal must be lodged within 28 days of the sentence, if this applies to you contact me now.

A Qualified and Respected Traffic Offence Lawyer in Sunshine

Should they find themselves facing traffic offence charges, clients in and around the local area know they need to secure professional and proven legal representation. That is why they turn to May Lawyers.

I provide representation for clients charged with both serious and minor traffic offences, including speeding, driving without a valid licence, and drink driving. I work to achieve a positive outcome for each case and ensure that my clients receive a comprehensive legal service and complete support.

I also provide services as a solicitor advocate, representing clients in the court for appeals, guilty pleas, contested hearings, bail applications, and matters relating to the confiscation of property.

To secure the services from a trusted and qualified traffic offence lawyer, Sunshine clients simply have to call May Lawyers today.

Find Representation from a Leading Drug Offence Lawyer in Sunshine

When they need to find representation from a skilled and knowledgeable drug offence lawyer, Sunshine clients look to May Lawyers.

No matter what the nature of the drug offence charges may be, clients can be sure they will find compassionate and understanding legal service from May Lawyers, as I fight to have their case heard in a just and fair manner in the relevant court.

I am available 24/7, meaning clients can always be confident that the trusted legal services they need are never far away. May Lawyers clients can also access funding assistance through Legal Aid.

To arrange a consultation do not hesitate to call 03 9642 2137.

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I am extremely happy with the result of my case that Will achieved for me. His expert approach avoided the criminal record against my name which was a huge relief and any penalties. I feel stress free after a long time thanks again to Will...

B. R.

I can't thank Will enough for everything that he has done for our family with the recent criminal matter he represented us for, we got the results due to his expert handling. Once again, many thanks Will...

J. T.
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